Monday, January 16, 2012

Patient Testimonial After Treatment for Depression

Dr. Quintal,

I wanted to think you soooooo much for meeting with my close friend, Julia. I have known her since she was four. I actually call her my ‘little sister.’

I want to give you some feedback due to her history: she was depressed, was not engaging in any of her hobbies, not seeking out friends, with low energy, and frequently haunted by the memories of trauma (abuse, theft.)

When she moved back to Florida from St. Thomas, her explanation of said symptoms was that she was getting re-acclimated. But I know it was much more than that . . . she was stuck.

Since seeing you, I now see the light in her eyes. She started swing dancing again after ten plus years, she has actively sought out and made new friends, is exploring dating again, is exercising regularly (never exercised and still managed to look fab.) She has lost weight and her business is picking up, and she has been able to create a healthy divide with her father. Most importantly . . . SHE’S HAPPY!!!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing her back to herself!  You’re amazing!!

Blessings to you and your family.

Thank you again Dr. Quintal.


Mary Evelyn