Sunday, April 10, 2011

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Quintal's Rapid Resolution treatment was a life changing experience for me. The love of my life passed away suddenly and I was left with nowhere to turn. A friend of mine suggested I contact Dr. Quintal and gave me some information about him. I had already talked to numerous psychologist which up to that point had not helped, and was apprehensive about trying another, but decided to make an appointment. My feelings before the appointment were sadness, depression, anger, lonliness, heartache and the unwillingness to be able to change it.

From the moment I spoke to Dr. Quintal I knew immediately that I had made the right decision and that his rapid resolution therapy was completely different than anything I had previously tried. I felt at ease from the beginning and felt the burdens and emotions begin to lift as he spoke to me and helped me through my loss. Dr. Quintal is an amazing therapist who was able to bring me out of such a dark place that I never thought I would get out of. After speaking with Dr.
Quintal, I left his office with a smile, a senses of hope and a feeling that I had not had since before my loss. His Rapid Resolution therapy had an impact on me that I never imagined possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Quintal to anyone who is going through a hard
time and feel that they have no where to turn. I am grateful to Dr. Quintal for his ability of getting me through my loss.

Thank You!


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