Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy and Unhealthy Boundaries in Relationships – Some Examples

Are you able to establish healthy boundaries in relationships?  Here are some examples of healthy and unhealthy boundaries in relationships:


  • Feeling like your own person
  • Feeling responsible for your own happiness
  • Togetherness and separateness are balanced
  • Friendships exist outside of the relationship
  • Focuses on the best qualities of both people
  • Achieving intimacy without chemicals
  • Open, honest and assertive communication
  • Commitment to the partner
  • Respecting the differences in the partner
  • Accepting changes in the relationship
  • Asking honestly for what is wanted
  • Accepting endings


  • Feeling incomplete without your partner
  • Relying on your partner for your happiness
  • Too much or too little togetherness
  • Inability to establish and maintain friendships with others
  • Focuses on the worst qualities of the partners
  • Using alcohol/drugs to reduce inhibitions and achieve a false sense of intimacy
  • Game-playing, unwillingness to listen, manipulation
  • Jealousy, relationship addiction or lack of commitment
  • Blaming the partner for his or her own unique qualities
  • Feeling that the relationship should always be the same
  • Feeling unable to express what is wanted
  • Unable to let go

A most exciting way to live is in true connection with your partner, family, friends and business associates.

Are you in a rut, feeling stuck?  Perhaps experiencing ongoing conflicts?  Wish you felt closer and more connected?  Have you been hurt, finding it hard to trust again?  These are just a few of the feelings that may be present in a relationship.  Most create undue tension, sadness, worry, fear, stress and more.

Dr. Quintal & Associates look at a variety of therapeutic approaches and tailor those best suited to you and your partner’s needs.
Learn to communicate more effectively and remove the blocks that keep you from connecting.  Get the tools you need and build the relationship you’ve always wanted.  Resolve conflicts and create a close loving relationship that can last a lifetime.

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