Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beating Holiday Stress

The holidays can be an overwhelming time, especially for those that often experience anxiety. With increased family and social demands the holidays can increase stress, anxiety and depression. Proper self-care is vital to reducing these feelings felt by many during the holidays. It can also be a difficult time to focus on self-care due to these increased demands. Feelings of guilt and selfishness can accompany attempts at self-care and sabotage our best efforts to relax.

Psychology Today has featured anarticle on how to beat those feelings of guilt and selfishness in order to be your better self and improve your self care and sense of wellbeing.

Remember, it is far more difficult to care for and give to others when we do not care for and give to ourselves.  At Dr. Quintal and Associates you can find the support you need to improve your self care and reduce your stress not only during the holidays but year round. 

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